Pest Control Training and Assessment

MPL Training Centre provides two main options for Pest Control Training Training and Assessment:

  1. Full Training and Assessment
  2. Assessment Only pathway

1. Full Training and Assessment

Our courses are generally offered by either “Mixed Mode” delivery or full correspondence/distance learning.

“Mixed mode” includes a “Face to Face” training component of up to 5 full days, plus some written self-assessments and practical experience. While some practical training and assessment is included in the classroom courses, the student is usually expected to gain some practical experience by working in the field. This also forms part of their assessment.

The Correspondence/Distance learning pathway is where a full complement of training and assessment resources are sent out to you. These usually need to be completed prior to your formal assessment. In most cases you will need to make arrangements to meet with one of our assessors, which may also involve the need to travel (at your expense) to a main centre to complete your assessment.

2. Assessment Only Pathway

In this mode of delivery you are generally advising us that you are already competent and you do not require formal training. This is because you have previously completed equivalent training and/or assessment. In this sense you may have partially or fully completed courses in other parts of Australia or overseas. You may have also developed experience from on the job training and individual research, or by a combination of all these activities. If you wish to take this path please take note of the following.

How can you be assessed?

To be assessed as competent in your chosen course or units you can follow one of 3 paths.

  1. Full Assessment. This involves a process of on-the-job assessments and documentary evidence to demonstrate your competency.
  2. Recognition of Current Competency (RCC). This is a simpler process where you can show that you are already competent in a unit of competency by way of your current qualifications and showing samples of your work. The process relies heavily on your presentation of documentary evidence to support your competency. The assessor will review your evidence and where necessary add to it by using other supporting evidence such as oral questioning.
  3. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you have completed studies with another institution at an equivalent academic level, you can apply for RPL. This will provide credit for learning and assessments you have already completed, meaning that you need not complete some or all units of competency.

Will I Need Training?

As well as providing assessment, MPL Training Centre Pty Ltd can provide training in all levels of Pest Management (see above Full Training and Assessment). The assessor will decide if you still require some or full training at the completion of your assessment.

If you are new to the industry and need training to obtain a licensee, or want to become a termite specialist, or undertake fumigation, or wish to better manage your business, we provide training in all units of competency.