Urban Pest Management Training and Assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question and can't find an answer below in our frequently asked questions, contact MPL Training Centre and our team will be able to assist you in your enquiry.

  • What Do I Do Next?

    Decide on the units you require for Pest Management licensing, or Timber Pest management, or a full certificate III, then complete the enrolment form accordingly. When the enrolment form and payment is returned to us, you will be sent more detailed information on your training and assessment program.

  • Are my student fees protected?

    Yes! All student fees are protected and available for refund as per our Refund Policy set out HERE.

    MPL Training Centre also holds funds in reserve to cover the amount of prepaid fees for all enrolled students.

  • How do I know if my training course has commenced?


    Your training course commences either:

    • On the date when a proportion, or, your complete training and assessment materials are despatched to you by mail, email etc; or
    • On the date of the first day of training in a face to face classroom or mixed mode training environment.
  • Can I carry out fumigation work with a Pest Management Technician licence in NSW.

    1. If you do pest management technician work, you need to hold a Pest Management Technician licence.

    MPL Training Centre can Train and Assess you for your Pest Management License

    2. If you do fumigation work, using special fumigant gasses, you will need a Fumigator licence.

    MPL Training Centre can provide the "Assessment Only" pathway for fumigation, but you must be working under a licensed fumigator.

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