Urban Pest Management Training and Assessment

(02) 4322 0331

Information, Advice & Support Services

To support your learning needs, we provide and support our students with the following information, advice and support services:

Client selection, enrolment & induction/orientation procedures

Client selection is derived from the outcomes of our learning & assessment strategies. Our enrolment process is documented in our student handbook.

Course information (including content & vocational outcomes)

Specific course brochures and flyers have been developed for all of the courses within our current scope of registration. Student information sheets for each course and its content also support this.

Provision for language, literacy & numeracy assessment

We provide provisions for language, literacy and numeracy assessment on request. We also monitor the needs of our client’s language, literacy and numeracy skills through our induction process, application & enrolment forms, and interviews. If you feel that you have any problems in this area feel free to contact MPL Training Centre on: (02) 4322 0331

Client Support

The support we offer includes (i) RPL assessment; (ii) options in learning; (iii) guidance via pre-course interviews; (vi) training needs analysis; (vii) research facilities; and (viii) information on our web-site

Flexible learning and assessment procedures

Flexible learning and assessment procedures are documented within our Training and assessment kit and form part of our learning and assessment strategies.

Welfare and Guidance Services

We will endeavour to provide welfare and guidance to all students/clients. This includes:

  1. Occupational Health and Safety;
  2. Review of payment schedules when requested
  3. Learning pathways and possible Recognition of Prior Learning & Recognition of Current Competency opportunities,
  4. Provision for special learning needs;
  5. Provision for special cultural and religious needs; and
  6. Provision for special dietary needs.