Pest Management Training Assessment Methods

Pest Management training assessment is an integral part of your learning if you wish to complete successfully and gain certification. MPL Training Centre is committed to ensuring valid and reliable assessment of achievements as outlined in our Pest Management Training Courses.

Throughout the training program you will be assessed to see if you have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the qualification. Your trainer/assessor is required to ensure that the assessment tasks you undertake meet the national principles of assessment and rules of evidence. Assessment methods are outlined below.

Please note: Certificates and Statement of Attainment will only be awarded to those candidates who successfully complete all assessment requirements for a course.

To be assessed as competent in a unit you can follow one of 3 paths:

Full Assessment

This involves a process of on-the-job assessments and documentary evidence to demonstrate your competency.

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

This is a simpler process where you can show that you are already competent in a unit of competency by way of your current qualifications and showing samples of your work. The process relies heavily on your presentation of documentary evidence to support your competency. The assessor will review your evidence and where necessary add to it by using other supporting evidence such as oral questioning.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have completed studies with another institution at an equivalent academic level, you can apply for RPL. This will provide credit for learning and assessments you have already completed, meaning that you need not complete all units of competency.

Please note
On site assessment at our office in East Gosford will be necessary if you haven'€™t been assessed for practical skills previously.
As described above you will need to put together some evidence to support your competency. If you wish to be assessed under RCC or RPL then you are basically telling us that you are already competent and just need to be assessed.

The following are some suggested documents you could submit to us to demonstrate your competency. You may also have some other documents you wish to use to support your competency. If so, please include those as well.

  • Copies of site inspection report, including the nature of the problem and pest management options; supporting documentation including risk assessments, pesticide information and pest management advice
  • Reports from peers, supervisors or clients on the manner in which the candidate has modified the environment to manage pests, applied pesticides and provided pest management advice to clients.
  • Certificates of attendance at courses such as ChemCert, Smart Train, previous TAFE course etc on Pest Management. Trade Certificates in Horticulture, Green keeping etc.
  • Certificates of attendance at conferences, workshops on matters pertaining to Pest Management.

If you have not done any previous training or attended any conferences or workshops, then perhaps an on-site observation of all your skills, as well as an interview may be your best option for assessment.

After reading your documents the assessor may also need to conduct an interview to bridge any gaps in your knowledge and skills. This is common practice at most assessments, so please read through and make sure you are up to date prior to the assessment.

If you require any assistance during your collection and preparation please call our office on 02 4322 0331 at your convenience.

Once you have collected your evidence and conducted your self-assessment with a mentor, please contact us to make an appointment for your final assessment.